3 Myths About Flip Books

3 Myths About Flip Books

Flip books have certainly caught the attention of publishers and readers alike. On one end, publishers cannot stop raving about the endless possibilities that they can put into a flip book project. They work hand in hand with marketing arms of businesses in order to publish the most engaging and attractive flip books yet.

Readers, meanwhile, are now thrilled to have a digital copy of their favorite book, magazine, newsletter or brochure, n their hands. They are now able to view hi res photos, videos and other effects, and still savor the familiar joy of flipping through pages.

Flip books truly have captured the imagination of the marketing world. This is why businesses are investing more and more into this venture. But, as with anything that gains popularity, there are some people who have invented myths about flip books. Are these facts or are they simply the work of people’s imagination? Here, we investigate three popular myths about our beloved flip books.

  1. The flip book must be at the top of Google searches.
  2. This is not entirely the case. While it may be true that flip books that appear on top of Google searches are more likely to be viewed, it is also true that there are other ways to access them as well. For instance, directly emailing to your readers a copy of your flip book gives them access to your marketing material immediately. That way, your flip book gets your readers’ attention without having to search for it online.

  3. The flip book reading market is still too small.
  4. This is simply an outdated perception of target markets – in any industry. The internet age is in its glory days and everyone has an online presence. Specifically, eight out of 10 people search the internet first before making a purchase.* These eight people may come in contact with your printed material first, but they definitely will search for your company’s products and services online.

    To dig deeper into target market behaviors, we look at the rural areas as well. Six out of 10 people view products and services online first before they do their purchase.* This is primarily caused by the availability of mobile internet. Thus, it is safe to assume that any person who has a mobile phone is a potential client that your business can convert – whether he’s a big city or small town guy/girl.

  5. My business’ social media accounts are enough.
  6. One may think that working Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts are enough of an online presence. The sad truth is, these social media accounts only scratch the surface of what your company can do to make its presence felt. Flip books can be embedded in your company site. They can also be shared via links. In fact, your social media accounts can contain links or screenshots of your flip books, furthering your marketing materials’ reach even more. Flip books are excellent marketing materials. The next time you hear people talk about these three myths, you’d know better.

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