Celebrity Endorsers vs. Influencers: Which Path Should You Go?

Your business can draw attention in more ways than one. The marketing landscape has become so vast and comprehensive that businesses have concocted creative ways to get the word out about their products and services. From social media integration and blog postings to Super Bowl halftime advertisements, the different marketing methods have always yielded different responses from the audience.

While it may be true that marketing takes a multitude of shapes and sizes, its “people” aspect hasn’t changed. What we mean here is that there are mainly two types of people to help promote brands – celebrity endorsers and influencers.

What’s the difference between the two? Which path should your business go? Is there a way to get the best out of these groups of public and prominent people? We aim to answer these questions below so you can make the best business decision for your brand.

  1. Celebrity endorsers
  2. When Justin Bieber was tapped to pose for Calvin Klein, it had the internet abuzz. His pictures flooded the internet. The worldwide pop icon – now Grammy winner – took social media by storm, in a way that only a superstar can. Sure, it elicited a lot of reactions, and Calvin Klein was suddenly gaining an even better following.

    The important thing to note here is that celebrity endorsements aim to attach the popularity of the celebrity to a certain brand. Without recognizing the celebrity as an expert of sorts regarding the product, these companies simply want these idolized names to use their popularity and lure customers in.

    Think: Is Justin Bieber an expert in undergarments or intimate wear? This is definitely outside his realm of expertise, but being the world famous name that he is, Bieber is still effective in promoting products outside his wheelhouse.

    We must all remember that the ultimate goal of marketing is to gain some traction or attention. There are some products and services that do not need to be explained down to the very last detail in order to sell them. Celebrity endorsers can certainly help here.

  3. Influencers
  4. Influencers, on the other hand, offer a different approach. Influencers are people who are trusted in specific fields. These include professionals such as doctors, attorneys, marketers, athletes, even celebrities too. They are specialists, and they are very much engaged in the industry they’re promoting.

    For instance, Stephen Curry has taken Under Armour under his wings. He is considered an influencer because Under Armour is a sports apparel company. Steph Curry dazzles us with his basketball skills, and he uses the state of the art technology of Under Armour’s products to show that his performance on the court.

The golden rule here is that celebrity endorsers and influencers are both effective means to gain customer following. Whether you want your products to be promoted by a person who is an expert in your product’s industry, or simply someone who is recognized by everyone – regardless of that person’s niche, both are effective. You simply have to commit to either one and make your move.

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