Creating Your Own Content Marketing Team

It does not really matter what type of product you’re selling. You could bake the best sans rival ever in your home town. You could offer music lessons for kids aged three to seven. You could offer the most reliable trucking services for families who wish to move their homes from one city to another. Hey, you could even be a well renowned web developer who just released the most trending game since Flappy Bird.

The thing is, you need rich, relevant, and interesting content in order to market your product. Gone are the days when you simply rely on product pushing – a relentless effort to promote a certain good or service by simply offering to sell the product to the market, without regard to providing valuable information. Buyers are smarter now; they know the value of content – they read through blogs, reviews, watch videos and product demos, listen to testimonies and customer accounts. And with the peak of social media’s popularity, content is taking an even bigger part of consumers’ attention.

Needless to say, you should do everything you can ride this tide. Build your own content marketing team, one that can take your marketing efforts from good to great. While it may be true that building this team involves costs, these costs are well justified once the content marketing campaign gains traction. Here are creative ways to create that team, without breaking the bank.

  1. Digital Content Team
  2. The single most effective method of creating a digital content marketing team is to dedicate a few people and let them focus on just that – creating digital content. Digital flip books, take a lot of brainstorming among individuals, so this team should be undisturbed while it channels its efforts towards this goal.

    Creating content also involves interviewing internal and external clients – from business owners and employees to target customers and competitors. It is advisable to have four to five people dedicate their entire time to develop content across all digital channels – social media, offline content, official website, blogs, and other publications.

  3. Part of a bigger department
  4. Budget constraints may hinder you from creating a separate department just for digital content marketing. Thus, you may have to work with the departments that are already established – for instance, public relations, advertising, marketing & promotions. One alternative here is to select a few people under these departments and create a sub-department solely dedicated to the content marketing agenda.

  5. Outsourced
  6. Sometimes, a new perspective is all that is needed to create wonderful marketing content. Outsourcing is not just a way to help your company save on labor costs. It also gives your company a different perspective, since these professionals are not direct hires by your company. Thus, they have different backgrounds, trainings, and core values that might provide a new perspective in your digital content. Diversity is key here; you can take on this path if you want just that.

Content is still king; there is no denying that. Make sure that your company is viewed as a source of rich, relevant, and interesting content. Selling your products and services will be that much easier once this is achieved.

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