Customer Brand Loyalty: Decrypting the Puzzle Many Businesses Struggle With

The general trend of businesses is that they try to generate as much new business as possible. That is, brands attempt to introduce their products and service to people who haven’t used them yet. While it may be true that new sales definitely help a business grow, it is also true that existing customers also play a huge part. In fact, it’s not the new customers that usually rave about a company’s product or service. Rather, the long-term users, the loyal customers do the “word of mouth” marketing for a company.

Brand loyalty is something that is hard to gain, and even harder to keep. If you own a startup company and are still trying to build up your customer base, then it’s understandable to focus on new names. However, as your business gains traction, you may realize that keeping current customers should be at the top of your priority list, above getting new ones. How do you keep customers loyal to you? It’s a tough question that requires straight up answers.

  1. Social Media Customer Service
  2. We’re not just talking about customer service, where you make sure you attend to the needs and concerns of your customers that they themselves forwarded to you. We’re also not just talking about social media activity, where you create social networking (SN) accounts for your company and create occasional posts. We’re talking about a fusion of these two concepts.

    Think of your distant family members. Most probably, you communicate with one another thru social media, with your best effort to respond to messages, likes, mentions and tags as quickly as you can. Not one opportunity for interaction is missed.

    Your business’ customer service mentality should be the same. Consider your customers your family. When they reach out to you via your SN accounts, immediately respond to them. You may not solve their problems outright, but at least try to acknowledge their message. They’d feel appreciated already, even though their issues haven’t been addressed yet.

  3. Throwback
  4. Yes, throwbacks have become a trend these days, especially on Thursdays. You may want to use the power of nostalgia to keep your customers loyal. For instance, if you own a local vegetarian restaurant that was established since the early 80’s, you may want to “resurrect” old pictures and text, and include them in your digital marketing content. That way, anyone who remembered those old pictures and write ups will definitely try to rekindle the good old feeling of availing your product.

  5. Trust
  6. This is a no brainer, but it deserves emphasis. Try to become an expert in your industry, and your customers will believe and trust in your opinion. It’s quite important that you are viewed as a source of authority in your chosen field. You may use your SN accounts to share knowledge and expertise. Your customers will base their decisions on your thoughts, ultimately choosing to patronize you. Simply put, be the tried and tested option.

Customer brand loyalty spells the difference between short term and long term success. Make sure your business takes these three things seriously.

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