Customer Service and Content Marketing - The Untapped Relationship

There is this popular belief that if customers are able to solve their problems about a product or service without the need of contacting the company, then these customers are more satisfied, and most probably going to stay loyal. This push for self-service is very much effective on two fronts. First, customer satisfaction is increased when there is no more need to call or message the customer service department in solving an issue. Second, the company saves time and resources, since it doesn’t have to take so many queries or complaints via the customer service desk..

The good thing about customer service is that this aspect of a business can also help create very engaging marketing content. Many of us associate customer service with complaints, erring customers, returns and refunds, and the like. This cannot be farther from the truth nowadays. In fact, many businesses now consider their customer service arm as a great factor in considering what type of marketing content to create. Read on to find out more.

  1. One in every three questions/complaints is repeated.
  2. This repetition could cost your business a fortune. Imagine if you have to answer the same question or complaint over and over again. This eats up your precious time and resources, which could have been used for profit-generating activities.

    See the opportunity here. Look beyond the irritating repetitive questions and note that this should serve as a sign for your business to create marketing content that answers these questions. For instance, your business may choose to create digital publications which contain pictures and videos that show how to solve a problem regarding the product.

    Just give your photos and videos a very well thought of title, create effective tags, and upload your media onto the digital flip book. Customers can then view these helpful media, and they won’t feel the need to reach out to you whenever they face the issue again.

  3. Marketing content can answer questions BEFORE they’re even asked.
  4. Have you ever experienced going into a hardware store and feel that the attendant knew exactly what you were looking for, even before you had the chance to ask? How did you feel? We all want our concerns to be addressed, but to have our worries solved even before we start asking for help, that’s GREAT customer service.

    Envision your company to be that proactive. Find time to foresee what your customers may ask, and have the answers already available for their viewing. This could be done by using a FAQ page. The trick here is to make the FAQ sheet more compelling (by using explainer videos or interesting blogs, i.e.), and to update it frequently (try looking into the search box history and see what your customers frequently type).

Customers will appreciate getting the answers right from the get go. Whenever they read blogs, view videos, or view infographics that address their worries, they will feel that they are more than ready to make a wise purchasing decision. At the end of the day, both the customer and company are engaged, and they will forge an even stronger relationship.

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