Digital Content Marketing Tips for Niche Businesses

Content marketing these days is a battle of substance and form. Substance and form work hand in hand with products that appeal to the general public – from fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and other items that people consider as “everyday things.” It’s quite easy to build content around products and services that the average Joe uses.

But what do you do when you offer a product or service that is not that used or seen commonly? More clearly stated, how do you market a product that belongs to a highly specialized industry, one that not everyone can easily relate to? The generic approach (similar to the one above) simply is not enough, as some content marketers found out the hard way.

In order to help your niche product or service stand out among its competitors, consider niche marketing, as described by the strategies below:

  1. Don’t settle with “skin-deep” customer profiling.
  2. Just because your product or service appeals to a smaller group of individual does not mean that you should also lessen your effort to get to know your target market. In fact, the opposite is true – you should learn EVEN MORE about your limited target market since your opportunities for closing the sale are smaller. Never settle for just the usual demographics – age, ethnicity, income, marital status, etc.

    Instead, go a few levels deeper. Using an interactive publication such as a digital flip book helps you discover behavioral patterns and tendencies of your specific target market. With the help of analytics tools, your digital flip book does not just act as a marketing tool. It also acts as a market study guide for you.

  3. Create relationships with your target market.
  4. It’s quite sad to accept this, but relationships between businesses and customers rely primarily on one thing: utilization. The age old adage “What’s in it for me?” is in play here, as customers gauge the importance of your company based on the benefits that your products give to them. Thus, it is very vital for your company to be able to explicitly show that it can solve your customers’ problems.

    Just how exactly can this be done? By using the vast media capabilities of digital flip books, your company has a golden opportunity to strike gold at your readers’ first glance. Immediately showcase what your products can do for your clients by using hi res photos, videos, and text. That way, the relationship starts off with the right foot, and hopefully lasts a very long time.

  5. Emphasize your competitive advantage.
  6. With a very thin target market, it’s even more important to retain what keeps your products ahead of your competitors’. You can use your digital flip books to remind your readers that you have something that only your goods can provide.

    With the help of a few reviews from your company’s current customers as well, your business gets leverage from unsolicited reviews. Word of mouth thus helps put a spotlight on your competitive advantage.

Niche marketing may be a little harder than generic marketing, but the rewards are certainly there if you do it right. Grab your share of the limited target market by using these three tips above.

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