Digital Formats – What Age Group Likes Which Content Type?

Think of digital content as a huge mall. It has different establishments that cater to different groups of people. It has the usual supermarket for family’s grocery needs. It also has the high end boutiques for those who can afford buying there. Thrift shops also abound, where wise spenders love to drop by every time. To add to this, the department store has pretty much everything a child needs – clothes, school supplies, toys. Spaces are also dedicated for the needs teenagers, adults, and the elderly. Of course, let’s not forget all the delectable food and drinks offered by establishments, which are again further sorted according to price, cuisine, type, and popularity.

The digital content “mall” is one big building, but somehow it succeeds in captivating and capturing the needs of people from all demographics.

This comparison to a shopping mall is perhaps the closest thing that can describe digital content, wherein people have preferred formats according to their age and other demographics. It’s important for content producers and marketers to know the desired type and format of digital content that their target market prefers. It will be a huge waste to create meaningful content, only to be neglected because it is not according to the audience’s preferred format. To help you, here’s a simple guide you can use.

  1. Millennials (those born from 1977 to 1995).
  2. The youngest age group of them all, the millennials love short content. In fact, all age groups do, but it’s the millennial age group that enjoys short content (maximum 200 words). Thus, blog articles containing images are a good format if you want to create content for the younger audience.

    It’s ideal to create read-worthy blog posts about their interests, and couple them with high res photos and videos. Also, millennials love viewing content through their mobile phones. Mobile content is king.

  3. Generation X (those born from 1965 to 1977).
  4. The range of the years wherein Gen X people belong to may be short, but their strength and influence are not defined by this seemingly short period. Gen X people love viewing content via a desktop computer or a laptop. This is not a surprise since they were the people who welcomed the dawn of the computer age. “Full” websites are their favorite, in contrast to the mobile versions that millennials love.

    Blog posts and images also capture their fancy, but they are more patient and willing to read longer content. Thus, detailed write ups are not a problem to them.

  5. Baby Boomers (those born from 1946 to 1964).
  6. This age group may be the oldest, and it shows in the way they want their digital content to be formatted. This generation was brought up surrounded by classic old fashioned books. Digital flip books are ideal for this age group, since this is the closest semblance of the classic paperbacks and hard bounds this age group loves. Baby Boomers also love blog posts and pictures, though they are also more open to eBooks and ePublications.

It’s a top priority to know the right format that fits your target market. Knowing this puts you ahead of the competition. It moves you one step closer to building a relationship with your audience, and growing your business with them as well.

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