Going the Extra Mile: How Exceeding Customers’ Expectations Assures your Business’ Survival

Walking into a bank may seem like a serious and mundane activity. For most of us, we see a bank as a place for transactions regarding money and credit. In addition, bankers are seen as very corporate, from the way they are dressed up to the way they utter their words. All banks hold themselves to a certain degree of seriousness, and for some of us who are not used to it, places like these suddenly become unattractive and intimidating. This is what the good banks do. But what the great banks do differently is simple – they go beyond this image and do everything with a smile.

Which bank would you transact with, one that is very serious monotonous, or one that is equally professional, but at the same time shows cheerfulness and glee? Obviously, you would choose the bank that would give you the things that you need (your transactions), and a little something EXTRA. Yes, going beyond what is expected is an age old practice, but unfortunately not all businesses do it. To no one’s surprise, these companies perish. And the ones that exceed expectations thrive.

Many companies sell the same type of product - food, clothes, homes, cars, smart phones, credit cards, everything imaginable. What makes customers loyal to companies – even though other companies have the exact same product – is the little EXTRA.

  1. Post-worthy.
  2. Try to look around your business. Observe the way your marketing people present themselves to your clients. Do they simply answer the questions of your clients, and then the interaction ends there? Or do they try to impress your clients by doing something beyond what was asked?

    These simple added acts of customer service are the ones that are often posted online by satisfied customers. Many customers are now comfortable sharing positive experiences on a product or service, unlike before when only the bad stories made their rounds online.

    Social media is today’s version of “word of mouth.” Make sure your clients share positive stories about your company. You can do this by exceeding their expectations consistently.

  3. Tell a story; don’t just sell.
  4. Take a minute to read through your business’ marketing content. Customers expect a marketing material to just sell, sell, and sell. However, they don’t expect that they’d be drawn into a story, something that engages a positive reaction within them.

    Case in point: Oreo. With simple advertisements of fathers showing their sons how to twist, lick, and dunk their Oreos, Oreo made an emotional connection to their customers. The ad didn’t bluntly say “Buy Oreos,” but because of the story that these marketing materials conveyed, people actually resort to buying Oreos. Your marketing campaign should also be this engaging.

Regardless of the industry your business belongs to, it should take a page out of these two tips. That way, your business will be seen as an entity that goes well past what customers expect. Be that company that gives a little EXTRA.

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