How to monitor traffic on PDF docs?

What if you could gather market intelligence in less than 60 seconds with your PDFs?

Once you publish a PDF brochure, it's tough to guess if your customers liked your content.
  • What links did they click?
  • What part of your message kept them interested?
  • What content lost them?
And how to make sure you give them more of what they love next time you release a catalog?

Most online PDFs are dead-ends: they  offer no visibility on what your readers do with your content...

Wouldn't it be great to hear a response once you've shouted your message out there?

You could learn what pages get the most attention and focus on the items of your catalog that 80% of your customers are interested in...

Unfortunately, most companies can't assess the impact of their online documents because PDFs can’t really be tracked. As a result, 50% of the effort (and budget) invested in online document goes to waste, when all this existing content could help companies build market understanding.

At PublishPaper, we decided to change things a bit. Actually more than a bit. 
We created a document format that allows you to convert PDFs into fully trackable micro-sites.


So, what can you to track, now?
Once your document is online on a PublishPaper format, you can monitor your document like a website: 
  • Pages views
  • Pages clicks
  • Downloads
  • Prints

And you can use Google Analytics to track that info ( PublishPaper and Google Analytics are fully integrated).

Why does it matter?
Once you gain full visibility on an online brochure, you can leverage that traffic data to focus on products and contents that will convert readers into customers. You are no longer bound to repeat the same mistakes from one month to the next, your content plays an active role in your marketing strategy, instead of being dead wood PDF sitting on a webpage somewhere, it becomes a smart way to capture market intelligence. 
In 35% of websites, about half the content is flat PDF, which is like putting paper online! How about changing that right now and use a technique that updates all your content for a fraction of the document cost?
Want to see it work?
Just send us your document here:, along with your Google Analytics code, we will return a demo that you can track withing 48hrs (that doesn’t give us access to your Google Analytics account).
We hope to hear from you soon!
With love,
The PublishPaper team