Inside the Millennial Mind: Engaging These Customers

Milliennials have taken over. Yes, these young 18 to 30 somethings have taken the driver’s seat and have seized control. At home, in the professional world, Hollywood, sports, and at times, even politics, individuals belonging to this age group have reached the peak of their growth and dominance. They’ve become ripe to perfection, ideal to take on the world and spend a long time at the top.

Now that the Millennials have taken over, what does that mean for your business? Your business’ lifeblood is its customers. Now that the profile of your customer base has changed, what changes should you make on YOUR end? More specifically, in order to attract these Millennials, what should be the next move of your content marketing? Should you change the style, the content, the tone, or all of the above? The answers could prove to be daunting, but this guide is here to help you manage the change.

  1. Make their buying experience a STORY.
  2. A story has a beginning, a middle, and an end. Unlike previous generations, Millennials love to be involved in almost anything. This is clearly shown by the skyrocketing of social media. Everyone just wants to speak their mind on everything!

    Use this trait of the Millennials to your advantage. Tell a story through your marketing campaign, one that will invite them to react in some form or fashion. For instance, creating a digital publication for a sports apparel store might gain the interest of Millennials. They are no longer satisfied with the usual forms of advertisement. They want substance, and they want to see something that they have not seen yet.

    From the first point of contact, engage the Millennials. Do this by showing a thought provoking explainer video, a blog with an eye catching title, or a photo that simply demands attention. As you lure them more and more into your story, create the need for your product by showing the benefits of using it. In the end, you hope your Millennial audience will react positively – ultimately making a purchase.

  3. It’s a numbers game.
  4. Big data attract Millennials. How many times has your attention been drawn by an infographic? An infographic is a photo that presents numeric data into creative illustrations – sometimes through charts, big fonts, pictures, and the like.

    Millennials love data when it is given a creative spin. Who would love reading pages and pages of boring stats and facts? Make sure that if you want to highlight data, you do so by making it eye-catching. Make your marketing content POP. That way, your readers will finish reading through your data, which would not be possible if you published it in a boring and uninteresting way.

The key to survival is to know your customers. Know what makes them tick, and what makes them bored. Millennials are seen to take center stage for the next twenty or so years. If you want your business to make it through these challenging times, then tap on the Millennials market. They have reached the top of the world; hopefully, they will take your business with you.

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