Make Them Come Back: Ways to Gain Return Visitors to Your Digital Marketing Content

As part of your content marketing efforts, your company decided to generate content that matters to your target readers. This content may be in any form – text, videos, photos, sound bites, even live broadcasts and recorded publications. All of your marketing content has one goal: to attract people into your company, ultimately leading up to a purchase.

This is where most businesses fail. They think that the goal is to simply attract first time visitors into their site. Let’s say an average person visits a website, blog, or any sort of digital publication. He does so in just 10 to 15 seconds. After that, the readers then make a decision, either to read more, or to leave and never come back.

It’s nice to see readers stay beyond the 15 seconds, but what happens if they leave, and never return? Most readers give publications the benefit of a doubt, read a little, scan through the content, and then leave. Was a purchase done? Did your company convert this lead into an actual sale? Unfortunately, it didn’t.

This is because readers make their purchases usually after a few visits to a certain site or publications. How do you then make sure that your readers visit your publication more than once? Attracting them for the first time is one challenge; getting them to RETURN and get to know your products more is the BIGGER challenge. We show you the ways here.

  1. Overall design must be clean and attractive.
  2. With the limited time that first time viewers allot for each page, it’s essential to get a first impression immediately. Your digital publication’s landing page must be clean and attractive – it must not contain too much text or media, and the layout must be professional and pleasing to the eyes.

    The colors of the landing page come into play as well. Use a natural palette to make the landing page visually appealing. You have a shot at getting more than 15 seconds for a first view.

  3. Unique marketing content.
  4. Readers usually know the drill; they know what to expect in marketing and promotional content. They expect to be bombarded with promises and guarantees that may or may not be true. While it may be true that being direct to the point has its advantages, being too aggressive is another story.

    Nothing beats fresh content. More importantly, nothing beats content that is part of a bigger chain, a vaster or an even bigger marketing concept. Consider a blogging series, where your readers wait for your next issue. Readers will anticipate your periodic updates!

  5. Come up with an offer “they can’t refuse.”
  6. This line is sometimes taken negatively. How can an offer be something readers cannot refuse? Is it too good to be true? The trick here is to provide something other than the main product. For instance, you can offer a promotion scheme wherein your readers will get advanced information on upcoming sales when they make their first purchase now. Another example is to offer video blogs exclusively to members who buy in a certain time frame.

The first visit to your marketing content is vital, but the succeeding ones are even more important. Make sure your content gets the second, third, and more looks!

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