Mobile Content: Just How Far Has This Space Gone?

A Big Part of Everyone’s Lives

Four decades. Forty years may be a long time for some, but it may also whoosh in just as fast for others. No matter which side you’re on, that is the amount of time that mobile phones have been part of our lives. The early 1980’s was the start of the time when mobile phones defined success, power, wealth, and tech savvy. CEOs, owners or big multinationals, high profile traders working on Wall Street, and other sophisticated professionals always had “the brick” with them, which was a perfect term to describe two-pound heavy and bulky handheld devices. Back then, only a select few were privileged enough to own a mobile phone.

Fast forward four decades later, and you might find it hard to spot a single person without a mobile phone. Even students, housewives, entry level professionals, drivers and helpers now have mobile phones. This speaks largely of the evolution of the way we all live life, and this translates well in the business world as well. After all, businesses exist to serve people’s needs.


The Mobile Phone Lifestyle

This change of perspective – change towards a lifestyle where people can do pretty much everything with their mobile phones – should be the next stage of your business’ content marketing strategy. We’ve seen just how these mobile phones can help people do whatever they want – buy gadgets, book airline tickets, enroll in universities, shop for clothes, even set up blind dates. The vast possibilities which mobile phones help people cannot be challenged; needless to say, your business must ride this tide of change as well.


What’s in it for Your Business?

If you want your business to be at the top of your target market’s mind, then you may want to make your presence felt through their beloved mobile phones. We’re not talking about the usual mobile advertising, wherein companies impose themselves through buggy mobile app ads or distracting pop up webpages.

We’re talking about taking the high road – providing quality content through the use of mobile phone capabilities. Creating a valuable relationship between you and your customers should always be a priority, and with the use of digital marketing content broadcasted through mobile phones, the relationship is more than likely to deepen.

Digital flip books (digital publications of any written material) have slowly made their presence felt through PCs and laptops. If you want a heads up on the competition, you may want to try exploring the mobile space as well. This is very much possible through digital flip books; mobile friendly versions can be viewed on mobile phones with ease.

Seven out of ten people view their inbox at least six times in a given day. This is the kind of statistic that your business can bank on. When it comes to visibility, the mobile space has come to the forefront. Using digital flip books (for instance, eBooks, eMagazines, and the like) can help your business be within a click’s reach to your customers every single time. The possibilities are endless.


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