Non-Appealing Industries: Content Marketing Keys to Success

The best way to make your business successful is to make it attractive towards investors and clients. Sometimes called powerful offering, this strategy involves investing towards the overall attractiveness and appeal of a certain product or service, in order to encourage investor and customer patronage.

For instance, we all know how successful the biggest mobile phone companies are (i.e. Apple and Samsung). These companies bank on colorful and brilliant content marketing with the use of practically simple strategies. It matters little as to how they approach their marketing tactics simply because their products already appeal to their target market. All they have to do is tap on these clients that are already willing to purchase their goods.

But can the same be said for non-appealing industries? Sure, we understand that mobile phones and tech gadgets in general are very easy to promote. But what about companies that offer, let’s say, waste management services? Or computer hardware parts? Or general automotive repairs? Plumbing and pipework services? Suddenly, colorful and brilliant won’t cut it anymore.

This is where companies need to be extra creative and assertive with their content marketing strategy. For non-appealing industries such as the ones above, the use of digital marketing content is no longer impossible. With the use of digital flip books, companies under non-appealing industries can deploy these strategies below:

  1. Infographics
  2. Non-appealing industries can be presented in fun and interesting ways through infographics. Infographics strike that perfect balance between data and creativity. Serious and technical data are presented in a visually appealing way, which helps readers absorb and appreciate the information better. Companies can use high res images to aid in this strategy.

  3. Customizable slides
  4. Sometimes the only way to explain technical data is through the use of professional looking slides. Professionals don’t mind the serious tone; in fact, these are the people who appreciate a well constructed and formatted report. For instance, using a slide presentation for waste management services helps your company explain in further detail the importance of your services to the general welfare of a community. With the use of a powerful logo, thought provoking write up, striking images and videos and the like, your non-appealing service suddenly becomes attractive.

  5. Digital magazine
  6. It’s not just the aesthetically beautiful industries that can benefit from digital magazines. Take for example, computer hardware parts. From the hard drive, CPU, motherboard and more, your products and services can be featured in a digital magazine. For this specific example, specifications are the name of the game. A digital magazine displaying high quality photos and videos (yes, digital magazines CAN contain videos) adds form to the substance. These magazines also become collectibles for aficionados and beginners alike.

Content is still king these days, but for non-appealing industries, sticking to content alone may prove futile. Thus, a shift to digital marketing content could be the key. After all, if a company firmly believes in its products and services, no matter how non-appealing the industry it belongs to might be, it will reap it the fruits of its marketing success. Digital flip books can help.

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