Ways to Get Influencers to Share Your Business’ Content

Digital content marketing has become so rampant today to the point that it seems that everyone is already doing it. Through the use of digital publications such as flip books, companies are able to transition seamlessly from printed marketing material to the digital format. While it may be true that most, if not all, businesses have had experience on marketing in the digital space, it is also true that many resort to an unorganized, scattered approach. Some companies think that getting their content out in the digital world is enough. This cannot be farther from the truth.

Perhaps it is time for your business to take its digital content marketing efforts up a notch. Have you heard of influencer marketing? Influencer marketing is basically the promotion and advertising of your company’s products and services by prominent and influential people in the industry. Think of this approach as the Oprah Winfrey or Ellen DeGeneres effect. When popular public figures like Oprah or Ellen endorse a certain good or service, that is tantamount to a seal of approval that millions of people consider legitimate. With a mere Tweet, Facebook post, Instagram tag, or Snapchat vid of these popular figures, your company’s sales will skyrocket.

Obviously, these prominent personalities receive a lot of endorsement requests from companies all around the world. Many of them offer these celebrities huge amounts of money just to advertise their products. There is no need to invest that much money in order to gain some influencers on your side. Here are a few tips to get you started.

  1. Look for similar content that already has a huge following.
  2. There are some companies whose digital content has a huge following already. Chances are that you can pick up a thing or two from their strategy. The keyword here is SIMILAR – you want your digital content (i.e. digital flip books) to contain similar content to an already popular website or blog. Usually, a set of standards works best for specific industries (i.e. SEO words, website designs). Follow these strategies.

  3. Get genuine reviews from real users.
  4. This is a good way to get some attention to your company, with the ultimate goal of getting the attention of influencers. Influencers can easily sift through free, sincere reviews and paid ones. Encourage the general public to post reviews on your website or digital flip books.

    Influencers always check the internet for the public’s general pulse – that is, they seek ordinary people’s reviews, find out what’s trending, and try to ride on this popularity themselves. You’re going to get influencers’ attention with the help of ordinary people’s reviews.

  5. Contact the influencers directly, but discretely.
  6. Let’s face it: your company needs the influencer more than the influencer needs your company. A simple tweet from your company’s official account, mentioning your targeted influencer, just might open a door of opportunity for you. Of course, make sure that your tweet actually has substance. Try tagging an influencer in a tweet carrying a link to one of your most professional product videos. If the influencer likes what he sees, he’s more than likely to retweet (or even better – react positively) your post!

An influencer’s endorsement certainly goes a long way, but securing one does not have to break the bank. These three tips are simple but very effective ways to get your nose ahead of the competition.

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