What Your List of Sales Leads Tells You About Your Content Marketing Strategy

Your business’ content marketing strategy is a delicate object. Much care and attention must be given to it if you want it to achieve your desired results. Think of your strategy as a “strainer” that attempts to filter as much “water” as possible. Water, in this case, is the entire consumer market, composed of your target market and markets which are not your concern. Your content marketing strategy “strainer” separates the consumers you consider as your target market from the ones that you don’t. In the end, you leave all the rest behind, and just focus on the ones that your strainer caught.

This is a pretty loose analogy, but this is what most content marketing strategies miss – they fail to see that the kind of sales leads that they get depend primarily on the type and quality of their content marketing strategies. Knowing what pushes your readers to keep reading and learning about your products starts with tailor fitting your content marketing strategy first. Here are a few insights to get you started.

  1. Your target market stays loyal to you if you stay loyal to them – their needs, wants, whims, and preferences.
  2. Consistency and relevance are the keys to having a strong following from a specific target market. For instance, a health and fitness facility may want to focus on vegetarian exercise routines only. They must make it a point to consistently deliver content that appeals to vegans – for instance, quick home workouts for hardcore vegans, top supplements for vegan diets, etc. Digital flip books that show videos and how-to guides for vegan lifestyle aficionados may come in handy here.

  3. Your content marketing strategy must take a position.
  4. Trying to get everyone’s approval simply won’t cut it. If you have a list of sales leads whose demographics and interests differ greatly, then your content marketing strategy isn’t as defined as needed. More often than not, this sales lead list will dwindle, leaving you with a few interested customers only.

    The trick here is for your strategy to take a stand – a firm position regarding issues and themes. That way, people who agree with your position will likely patronize your company. Even those that don’t share the same sentiment as your company may want to read your stand. You may even be able to sway these people to your side!

  5. Create a focused “bait.”
  6. A bait that’s just so-so can attract averaged-size fish. Getting a few averaged-sized fish is the best scenario for a bait that appeals to many types of fish. Try creating a bait instead that specifically appeals to the biggest and heaviest fish in the sea. Doing this may involve spending a little extra for that fat bait, but you get a bigger chance of getting a better catch – in fact, your catch just might be the biggest.

    The same rule applies to digital content marketing. A generalized pitch simply does not cut it anymore. Focus your digital flip books’ design and theme to match your biggest target market. It not only inches you closer to greater sales, it also gives you a chance to have a reputation of attracting big clients – giving your company even more leverage.

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