Your Employees, Your Best Endorsers: How Your Own Team Can Complement Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Starbucks prides itself in its people. The mammoth coffee shop has made a name for itself by training their baristas to be extra accommodating and friendly. These baristas make the coffee experience of their customers a truly memorable one. They don’t simply take the orders of their customers; rather, they create relationships with them. They remember the stories of each customer, and they ask them how they’re doing. It’s not just the simple pleasantries that happen here – it’s an actual concerted effort of these baristas to make sure their customers feel loved and remembered.

This is the type of marketing that actually works in more ways than one. When companies train their employees to be more than just processors or salesmen, they become ambassadors of the brand. They represent the values that the company shouts out to the world – they become an extension of the logo.

In another perspective, these employees become the people best qualified to market the company they work for. Companies no longer need to get people from the outside (endorsers, influencers, etc.) just to gain some marketing action; their employees do this function for them as well.

Can these employees be even MORE effective in creating marketing content? Are their capabilities limited to just face to face, live contact? Digital marketing has revolutionized the way companies promote their products, and employees can add even more power to digital publications as well. Find out more here.

  1. Video-Based Employee Marketing Content.
  2. The first thing to do here is to identify the best employees who can represent your company well. These may include the most seasoned or the newly hired ones – those with a fresh spunk or perspective. The trick here is to find people with the right expertise and skills. Most often than not, companies choose employees who are easily associated by their customers with the brand.

  3. Make these employees the pillars of your video content.
  4. These employees will be part of your perpetual marketing content. Thus, whatever you create with them must be able to withstand the test of time. It’s advisable to create videos that can be played regardless of the season. Avoid creating content that mentions specific times of the year, events or trends.

  5. Educate these chosen employees more.
  6. Your employees become more empowered to talk about your brand if they are well equipped with the skills and information they need. Thus, send your “chosen ones” to a variety of trainings. For instance, you may send them to sales workshops to further sharpen their marketing skills.

    These skills are invaluable, and they will be manifested in the video you’re producing. It’s not enough that the chosen employees know their specific tasks – they should be able to talk PROUDLY about their brand, and encourage support of their customers.

As a hiring manager/owner, you should be the very first person who believes in the capabilities of your people. You hired them, thus you know these employees always had it in them. Make their skills shine and last a long time by creating video content that showcases these skills. These videos will help your business succeed even more.

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