Why You Should Create an Interactive PDF Before Launching a Micro-site

Why You Should Create an Interactive PDF Before Launching a Micro-site

The shift to micro-sites has been quite dramatic in the past couple of years. Businesses are slowly realizing that sometimes a full blown website is not the ideal way to promote a specific product or service. Their official website may contain too much information, therefore taking away the spotlight from a single topic. In order to correct this, companies now use micro-sites to return this spotlight to events, promotions, and products that need special attention.

Micro-sites prove to be an effective way to eliminate clutter that comes with navigating through a full website. They may contain only a few pages, and these pages are meant to elicit positive action from the readers. This should almost always translate to converted leads – which affect the bottom line of the business. This ability to engage with readers and its ability to focus on one specific topic are the features that primarily make micro-sites ideal.

In order for a micro-site to engage as much customer response as possible, businesses should learn how to use Interactive Portable Document Format (PDFs) documents. PDFs have undergone a lot of improvements since their creation in 1993. After more than 20 years of existence, PDFs are as interactive as ever – that is, they now become a more exciting and effective way to engage with readers.

Just how advantageous are interactive PDFs for businesses that plan to launch a micro-site?

  1. Excitement. Ask any marketing professional as to what makes a great marketing campaign, and more often than not you’ll get this as the answer. By excitement, we mean going beyond text and pictures. Interactive PDFs can include movies and sound clips to create a buzz for the product or service.

  2. Hyperlinks. Do you want readers to focus on your micro-site, but at the same time find a way to direct them eventually to your main full website? A well constructed hyperlink will do the trick. In an interactive PDF document, a hyperlink can provide the link between the document itself, the micro-site, and the full website. This ensures that the end goal – closing the sale – is achieved.

  3. Customer engagement. Social media has proven just how willing we all are in interacting with the world – from individuals to celebrities, governments, and companies. An interactive PDF serves as a way for target clients to react to the marketing material immediately. It allows companies to have a quick pulse of the customers. They can then change their strategies so that they are able to meet expectations.

  4. Offline Marketing. Interactive PDFs serve as the offline version of a micro-site. They allow businesses to distribute the content to their intended users via email, CD, or other means without relying on an internet connection.

If used correctly, interactive PDFs may become the marketing bread and butter for businesses. They are stand alone documents that will surely impress potential and existing clients. Marketing materials should no longer be considered one-way; rather, they should be seen as a portal to interact with customers. A well designed interactive PDF will do the trick.

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